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Oahspe – 2016 Eloist Edition

The photos below show the 2016 “Eloist Edition” of the Oahspe. It is not published by the Worldwide Faithist Association, nor is this the same as the Revised Authorised Version, but is published by our sister Faithists known as the Eloists in the United States.

This edition is recommended by Rabbah Rish’kahni for personal study and reference. He said: “The Eloist edition is highly recommended for personal libraries of Essene Faithists, and for general reference. This edition can also be used for individual congregations in their readings if the passages are not too much in conflict with the Revised Authorised Version or that which has been revealed by the celestial beings through Third Pillar. This edition should grace the library of every Faithist who speaks and reads English. The publishers have produced, since the early 1900’s many good texts, some of which I would recommend to modern day Faithists who are mature in the faith.” Rabbah Rish’kahni also said of the Revised Authorised Version, “Because the Revised Authorised Version is a work in progress, with much work to be done in regard to updating the text and making sure it is in line with what is being revealed to Jehovih’s people today, it could take a great deal of time before it is considered ‘ready’, thus I highly recommend the use of the Eloist Edition at this time in your daily worship, reading and study, as well as teaching others about Jehovih’s Kingdom.”

In the Eloist Edition, the typeface has been completely reworked, very clean and easy to read, although the language remains the same as the original, but with some corrections. The pages are of high quality paper.

Some of my photos are blurry, which does not reflect on the quality of the actual cover or text.

When my first one arrived, it was much heavier than I had expected. I have since ordered a second copy. It comes packaged within its own box (a box within a box). Well packed and protected.

Oahspe inside

Beautiful dark blue hardcover. Measuring around 21.5 x 28 cm (8.5 x 11 inches) with 2 silk ribbon markers.
View of the spine
28.5 cm tall
22 cm wide.
6 cm (or around 2.5 inches) thick
Gold gilded
Shown with coins from various nations. Top U.S. 25 cent piece
Beautiful, silk-like lining for boards
Opens wide – you will need a desk or table for this edition.
Compared to the size of an older edition.
Copyright, publisher information page
List of portraits
Editor’s Note
Suggestions for New Students of Oahspe
First page of the Book of Jehovih
Cvorkum foldout. My apologies for the blurriness. I will try to upload a new photo at some point.
First page of the Book of Inspiration
First page of the Book of Ouranothen (Light from Heaven)
Current position of the solar system in the Kosmon season
Lineage of humanity
The a’ji/ji’ay inconsistency in various editions of Oahspe

This edition is not published by the Religion of Light. It can be purchased from the following link:

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