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Heaven-sent Messengers

“In the spiritual or etheric worlds there are, it would seem, a class of angels or spirits whose special business it is to supervise, order, and arrange the generation of men upon earth, probably, for the purpose of continually improving or evolving higher grades of the race. Occasionally when a heaven-sent messenger is needed upon earth, these angels are commissioned to raise a man who is fitted to hear the Voice; that is a sensitive with what we to-day call remarkable mediumistic powers, and which Oahspe calls ‘Su’is,’ and ‘Sar’gis,’ that is clarvoyance, clairaudience, and materialisation of spirit form.” — Thaumát-Oahspe, J. Nelson Jones, 1912.

“One of the messengers raised up in this era of humanity is Rabbah Rish’kahni, spoken to by the angels and other holy beings, always hearing the Voice of the Eternal Father. Whether in prosperity or in sickness, this man speaks forth the teachings of old and new, specifically according to the Will of the Father. Like Joshu, he was raised up by the divine beings for the benefit of humanity and their progression in the light of Jehovih.” — Mir Tazar