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Faithists at Home

This page will continue to grow to provide resources for Faithists who are isolated from a congregation due to distance or other reasons.

Always Remember

(I have adapted the following from an original text by Fr. Shamon.)

  • Faithists should be in the daily habit of praying for the Rabbah of the Worldwide Faithist Association (HH Rabbah Rish’kahni), for his health and continued guidance of the Spirit of holiness. Additionally, Faithists should be praying for the well-being and health of Rabban Mar Kharba Awraham.
  • It is the practice of adult members to make food offerings (according to their means) to the headquarters. For those who can not send actual food items, monetary gifts can be sent so that food can be obtained. The Living Spirit has also communicated that these food offerings will ensure the removal of transgressions committed against the Living Cross of Light.
  • In addition to these requirements, members who are able, are to erect a simple altar or prayer corner in their homes to recite the daily prayers, including the prayers on behalf of the Rabbah and Rabban, and to make small offerings of water, tea or coffee, rice or fruits and vegetables.

On Earth As It is In Heaven
“What is maintained in righteousness on earth is also maintained in the heavens above. Where there is a proper altar, an altar of righteousness on earth, in the homes of the Faithists, there is also an altar in the heavens equal to the same.” (Rabbah Rish’kahni)

“Hear me, O all ye people, and be ye attentive to my words: Because ye have been faithful from the first, ye are become the light of the earth, and of this heaven, and inasmuch as ye have maintained your altar and times of sacrifice [worship], there have been maintained in the upper heavens altars and sacrifices in conjunction with you. Whereby ye have been blessed in hearing the Voice in all the darkness through which the earth and her heavens have passed.” (Fragappati 23:9-11)