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Cessation of Life-giving Energies

It is of interest to note that in this day and age, where conservationists point at mankind for the cause of all the limited resources on the Earth (and man has not been a conscientious steward of the Earth over these many ages, this is very true.), that explanation of the cycle of life on a world, provided in the Oahspe paints a very different picture.

A world goes through stages in its physical existence. From its formation, to the time that life giving energy is rained down upon it, to its growth, to the time it ceases to have these life-giving energies provided, till the time of that world’s dissolution.

This is not an anomaly but a process that Jehovih established in a time beyond mortal comprehension.

This is not to enter a discussion about earth changes but to point out that there has always been another factor in the discussion that few people have known about.

When the resources dry up, it is not because we over used them, but the source that provides them is no longer providing them. This is not a judgment or condemnation; it is part of a mechanism that has been in place for many ages.

While the people in the world can spend ages arguing over whether something is or is not happening or what it means, the Children of Light can be aware of what is actually taking place, and know what it means, and primarily focus their energies on the resurrection of the spirit.

Just a few thoughts I wanted to share.

Holy Peace

Mar Kharba Awraham

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