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The Oahspe Institute exists to proclaim Jehovih’s Name, His Kingdom and His Words through the promulgation of the Oahspe Bible. The Oahspe Institute is not a “sect,” but rather a not-for-profit institute to facilitate the worship of the One Creator Jehovih according to the Oahspe, and for the serious study and research of the Oahspe Bible and related texts.

My name is Jonathan bar Stephen and I am the director of the Institute, and I serve on the General Council of the Worldwide Faithist Association.

The imperfect views expressed on these pages may not necessarily be shared by all Faithists. The purpose of the site is to provide commentary and study notes about the Oahspe, archive various forms of media related to the Oahspe and the history of the various sects of Faithists, and to share relevant materials of other Oahspeans.

I also maintain a Faithist wiki at, which is a work in progress. For information about Faithism, visit the site at

A few notes:

  • Unless otherwise indicated, quotes from the Oahspe are from the Eloist Edition or on occasion, the Revised Authorised Version, the latter not being a complete edition at this time.
  • Sources used on this site are primarily from
    1. Worldwide Faithist Association,
    2. Essene Faithists of the Kosmon Era,
    3. Personal research,
    4. Original research submitted to the site,
    5. and Eloists
  • The Oahspe Institute was established with the sponsorship of various Faithists on 1 September 2017.

Concerning the “Eloist Edition” of the Oahspe and some of the Eloists’ literature, Rabbah Rish’kahni said:

The Eloist edition is highly recommended for personal libraries of Essene Faithists, and for general reference. This edition can also be used for individual congregations in their readings if the passages are not too much in conflict with the Revised Authorised Version or that which has been revealed by the celestial beings through Third Pillar. This edition should grace the library of every Faithist who speaks and reads English. The publishers have produced, since the early 1900’s many good texts, some of which I would recommend to modern day Faithists who are mature in the faith.

You can contact me by using the following email address: