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A Faithist

A Faithist is one who has faith in Jehovih, the Everpresent Great Spirit, being over all, and within all, to a wise and definite purpose. A Faithist is one who has faith only in Jehovih, and not in a God in the shape of a man.

A Faithist is one who endeavors to grow in unison with Jehovih by doing good unto others, an din striving to put away self-interests. He or she is a non-resistant.

The term “Faithist” refers to a general way of thinking and living rather than to any one specific organized religion or sect. A Faithist is the opposite of an Uzian (a person of the world). Faithists can come from a variety of religious backgrounds and are found within diverse cultures throughout history.

A student of Oahspe is just “student of Oahspe.” The proof is in the person, not in the book one happens to possess.

The above is based on the entry “Faithist” from the 2016 Glossary to Oahspe.