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A Chorus of Thanksgiving

“Our souls are more than filled with thankfulness; and in Jehovih’s name, we will back and employ a million trumpeters to proclaim around the earth and heaven: Jehovih is come!” (Ah’shong 1:24)

“The hosts joined in a mighty chorus of thanksgiving and praise… sang and shouted… in Jehovih’s love, for the glory of His high heavens.” (Cpenta-armij 5:60)

Heavenly Father, Jehovih, we give Thee thanks for all the bounty that Thou giveth unto Thy people on earth and in all realms where Thy light shineth ever so brightly.

Bless us, O Jehovih, with a good harvest, both earthly and spiritual, by the power of Thine own hands.

Shine Thy holy light upon Thy servants here and in all world of light, where Thy Presence dwelleth.

Praise, honour and glory unto Thy Name, forever and ever.